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Fairfield County's Search Engine Optimization Blog: How to Increase Website Performance and Page Rank Pt.1



1. Website Content is King!


The first priority in search engine optimization and improving your website performance as well as page ranking is to add rich, engaging content to your website. Content that is relevant to your industry and that gives the reader an opportunity to learn about you and your expertise. This is one of the keys to search engine optimization and driving traffic to your website. Rather then attempting to discuss everything you have to offer all in one page focus on one key aspect of your business and write it to be page specific.


Fairfield County's Internet marketing Blog: How to add a YouTube video to your blog

YouTube has become one of the Internet's golden children, with so many videos being posted that if you tried to watch them all in their entirety, it would take over 400 years, and there are 200,000 videos being uploaded a day! The likelihood that someone will stumble upon your video is like finding a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is one of hundreds of thousands of haystacks in the great plains of America. Therefor many people want to not only have the video on YouTube, but also have the video on their website. This article describes how to "embed" a YouTube video on your personal website or blog.


Fairfield County's SEO Blog: SEO 101: Google Maps

Getting your Business Listed on Google Maps

Think of how you search. We are just one of the thousands of people who search daily for local businesses and professional services on Google. A business or professional with an actual physical location such as a restaurant, professional health services, auto mechanic, or law office for example can appear high on the page of search results next to the map when searched for in Google. Being listed within those results can be a simple very effective way to marketing your business. Especially when it is combined with an effective internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization campaign or social media marketing campaign.

The manner in which Google Maps used to operate was the map would only come up if a user requested a search which was obviously location sensitive such as “Danbury American Restaurant”. Recently this feature has been expanded to include local results based on the location of the visitor’s Internet connection. So if you are located in Danbury, Connecticut and type in a search for “American Restaurant” Google will return the results including a map with about ten local Danbury area Restaurants next to it. Obviously if you are a Restaurant located in Danbury, CT you want to be included amongst these listings.danbury

The process is simple and here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the Google Local Sign-up page at:
  2. Sign up for a Google account or if you already have one log in
  3. Fill out the form with information about your business including important search terms as well as the name of your business.
  4. If it shows up that you already have a listing this means someone else has put this in for you. Good news. Just check through the listing to ensure accuracy of the information.
  5. The next step will be choosing a category for your business. You can choose up to five. Try to select all five if possible.
  6. You will be offered the option of adding a picture to your listing. I would recommend doing so. A picture tends to add more credibility and interest to your listing.
  7. In the next option Google will want you to choose a way of validating your listing either with a phone call or a postcard through the mail. Pick the option you prefer. Once your listing is validated your business will be in the database for Google Map listings.

Your listing may or may not start showing up right away within the map results. But give it time. And when you check try using a variety of search terms. How quickly your listing appears has to do in part with how competitive your type of business is within your local geographic area but it is certainly better then the alternative, which is not being listed at all.


Fairfield County's Social Media Blog: Need a reservation? There is an app for that.


How Social Media and Mobile Apps are changing the way we live.

Online restaurant booking success OpenTable has started to move it's way into mobile by both building apps and distributing its reservation system to other app partners. I recently bought an i-phone and I am amazed at how these apps can effect my day to day life and these convenient apps are only going to get better. I see this app as a win-win. Open table provides consumers with the convenience of making a reservation right through there phone quickly and easily, while the restaurant can see improvement in business efficiencies.

Read more here:


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