Thursday, November 15, 2018

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies Begin With Web 2.0 Technologies.


Update your website with Web 2.0 technology and convert viewers from a one time browser... to a repeat visitor!

Rich content that enable two-way conversations will increase your internet presence, prospect's participation and your bottom line!

Veritage Marketing can help develop these two-way conversations using Web 2.0 tools such as a Content Management System website, consistent blogging strategies, Social Media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and e-Mail Marketing. When you increase client participation on your website you gain credibility in your field and the chance of converting the prospects into buyers.

Consider the old monologue style of advertising:

  • Only 18% of TV ads produce a positive ROI

  • 90% of people who can skip TV ads, do.

  • We are exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day

  • Yet only 14% of us trust these advertisements

The new model is DIALOGUE:

  • 78% of us trust the recommendation of another consumer!

How many of us have read online ratings and reviews? Before buying a book or CD? Researched a hotel or vacation spot to see what other consumers have experienced?

Veritage Marketing Group will leverage web 2.0 technologies into the development of your site and give your customers a voice so that others may see that dialogue! Right now, people are talking about your brand and perhaps sharing what an amazing service you have provided them. Is there any better place than your own website to have this recommendation? Let us show you how.