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Internet Marketing Domination with Veritage

Internet Marketing Domination with Veritage.

The key to success on every marketing project is a proven plan.  We have developed a successful methodology that ensures that your investment in Internet Marketing is realized.  Using a multi-step process, we can manage and guide the development cleanly. Veritage Marketing will become a part of your team and ensure that the overall project is a success. 

  1. We start with a Web Assessment to determine your Internet Presence baseline. 
  2. We then do a comparison of your competitors to determine where they are positioned in relation to you. 
  3. Finally, since Social media is so important to your internet success, we help your company implement the latest Social media tools that are appropriate to your business. 
  4. From this point, we develop a plan to build and monitor your internet presence.  Some, or all, of the following will be evaluated, recommended or implemented in the final plan:


Keyword Research 

Keyword Research is very important and can literally make or break your SEO campaign.  Popular mistakes that most people make are to select one or two word keywords to focus on, or select every possible keyword that may be used for a search.  The whole idea of keyword research is to select realistic keywords that are relevant to each page and can bring in a significant amount of traffic.


Title Tag Optimization

The title tag appears in the top bar of your browser.  Since this is the “title” of your page, search engines rank keywords in this section very high relevant to a search.  It is one of the important aspects of getting rankings in search engines.  Since this title also appears in search engines result pages, appropriate use of keywords in a promotional language may result in more click-thrus.


Robots.txt Optimization  

This file allows you to hide files or directories that you do not want the search engines to consider when ranking your site.  By eliminating certain files, you can keep the spiders focused on the relevant content, and keep your site highly search-focused.


W3C Validation

The search engines use robots to scan websites, and there are specific standards to help organize a web page.  The better the websites conform to these standards, the easier the robots can scan the page and make sense of the content. The Mark-up Validation Service by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) allows Internet users to check their HTML documents for conformance to HTML or XHTML standards.  We will can assist in ensuring a web site is within compliance.


Modification of HTML Source Code

Apart from the title tag, there are other sections of your web page which can be optimized.  These include Meta Description tag, Image Alt tag, Header tags and many other areas.  We will supply modified code to best optimize each page of your site.


Image and Hyperlink Optimization 

We incorporate keywords in Alt text and title attributes for images and hyperlinks.  This helps to a certain extent in Search Engine rankings.


Header Tag Optimization 

Websites use Header tags (H1 through H6) to identify and categorize content.  Search Engines give keywords used in these tags a higher weight than traditional normal text.  We modify and add header tags, incorporating keywords, to improve the search engines ranking of your site



We add Canonical Link Element code to the website to avoid duplicate content issues, which improves the search engine ranking.


Local Search Engine Submission

We submit your site to various local search engines.  This helps to improve your local visibility as well as improves your Search Engine ranking.


Customer Review Submission

Many consumers check out online business reviews before making a purchase or signing up for a service.  Additionally many review sites have high page rank, and their reviews can list very high in a keyword search.  We submit your site, and applicable reviews, to these review sites so that you remain one step ahead of the competition.


Install Usability Tool on Website

We install a usability tool to track visitor’s behaviors on your website.  This helps to determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses to form a baseline and scope of work for improvements to increase conversions.


Monthly Conversions Reporting

We track your websites traffic and conversions in a monthly report.


Website Content Writing

We will rewrite / modify your existing web pages to reflect Search Engine content based upon the keywords that have been finalized.  The number of pages that are written is based upon the SEO plan selected.


Blog, Article and Press Release Writing 

Working with your in-house team we will write blog articles, technical articles and press releases to reflect the latest information and content relevant to the keywords that have been finalized.  This content can be submitted to a third-party site, or included in a section on your site.  Since article writing is a combined effort between your in-house marketing people and us, the quantity written will depend upon the access of communication to your in-house resources. 


Social Bookmarking 

Social Bookmarking is very popular these days as people prefer to keep their list of favorite websites online and share them with others.  These bookmarks also serve as backlinks to your website.  Sites such as Stumbled Upon and can send significant traffic to your site, so Search Engines use social sites backlinks as part of their ranking algorithm.  We submit your site to many popular social bookmarking sites. 


Blog Submission

Blogging is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts.  Blogs can be a positioning story, or a description of why a product best fits an application.  It can be a detailed answer to a Frequently Asked Question, or the author’s viewpoint about current events.  Links to other relevant websites can also help build your brand, and initiate back-linking to your site. 


Press Release Submission

A Press Release is a news release written for a new event or product that is relevant to your business or industry.  Distribution of the same to online media helps in building your brand name and in the long run in the improvements of search engine rankings. 


Article Submission

We submit articles to various sites that accept and list papers.  This helps build backlinks that eventually increase your site’s search engine rankings. 


PowerPoint Presentation Submission

 Google displays presentations in it’s organic listing.  We review and optimize existing presentations of your business and submit it to various presentation sharing sites, such as Slideshare, MyPlick, Scribd, etc. 


Video Submission

Search Engines also display videos in their organic listings, as long as the video is prepared correctly.  We develop, review and optimize video presentations of your business and submit it to various video sharing sites, such as YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, etc.


Photo Sharing

We create profiles of your business on photo sharing sites like Flikr, Photobucket, etc. This can help generate additional traffic to your web site.


Link Request to Related Sites

We research site that are relevant to your business or industry and send professional link requests to them for a link exchange.  We do not use automated link submission programs or mass link sites.


One-way links

We submit your site to free search engine and directories to get one way links from these sites.  This helps increase your page rank and popularity with Search Engines.


Google, Yahoo and Bing Sitemaps

We create and submit Sitemaps of your website to the top three search engines.  This allows these search engines to list and update your site faster and easier. 


Social Media Marketing Strategy

We determine the expectations, goals and concerns about Social Media for the company.  We work with your sales people to identify the target audience, why they buy and what differentiates your company or products.  We develop a strategy to Build Relationships, Establish a Communication Schedule, Measure the Results, and Make the Tweeks to optimize.  We focus on a plan to introduce or reinforce a marketing message while pushing a user to another profile or business site. Before moving forward with an advanced strategy, it’s important that your business understands social marketing, has experience engaging consumers, and that you possess a basic understanding of online marketing.


Social Media Policy

A Social Media policy outlines for employees the corporate guidelines or principles of communicating in the online world.  Employers need to be upfront with employees regarding their privacy rights, ownership of social media profiles started with company e-mail addresses, and the extension of traditional company policies such as harassment, ethics and company loyalty to the online world.


Social Media Corporate Profile Creation

We work hand-in-hand with the Social Media Manager to develop the corporate profiles on the various Social Media platforms.  An effective profile includes competitive research, keyword analysis and a plan on how to communicate and listen to your customers.  A profile that is not setup correctly won’t attract readers or bring you the search engine benefits you’re after. We’ll work with you to find the best social media platform for your needs, help you to optimize your profile for success from the very beginning, and show you how to tweak it to make it more accessible to both users and the search engines.


Social Media Implementation

Did you already decide what you want to do with social media, but you need help navigating a complex and seemingly subjective landscape? We’ll work with you to ensure the integrity of your brand, compliance with the different mediums and best practices for future development and communication.  We also offer hands-on tutorials for groups up to 10 to create and optimize their social media profiles.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment and begin dominating your market on the web