Sunday, December 09, 2018

Social Media and Internet Marketing Strategies By Veritage: More Then Just Word of Mouth

Social_Media_Internet_MarketingSocial Media and Internet Marketing is an important trend that is changing the way we do business.

While the technology is rapidly evolving and is often confusing to non-technical business owners, the fundamentals are quite the same as any real life networking event. Like a networking event we introduce ourselves, we listen to the conversation and then add value to the conversation. Social media is simply a broad increase of word of mouth. Instead of word of mouth, with Social Media Marketing it is “world of mouth”. Right now there are hundreds if not thousands of conversations happening online about your brand, your service and your industry. While that basic truth is easy to understand, the implications are a direct challenge to many traditional marketing practices that treat markets as a passive audience to be influenced with a broadcast message.


Veritage Marketing Group can assist your business in engaging your customers through social media by developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy.


Our Social Media Marketing Strategy can elevate and disseminate information about every aspect of your business. Such as:


  1. What customers like or dislike about your business, products and services
  2. What Market is your business strongest / weakest in?
  3. Who is your strongest competitor? Why? How are they using Social Media?
  4. Is your staff delivering a high level of customer service?

Additionally Veritage Marketing Group work closely with you to identify what is the overall goal of your social media marketing campaign.Such as:

  1. Generate Exposure For Your Business – by dominating the SERP ( search engine results page)
  2. Increase Site Traffic- More leads = More Potential Sales.
  3. Build New Business Partnerships – Increase B2B Sales.
  4. List Building- Keeping in Touch With Your Customer Base can Increase Top of Mind Awareness.

Veritage Marketing Groups overall goal is to assist your business in developing trusted relationships within your market community by leveraging tools that will enhance your ability to focus on significant issues, recognize key influencers on social networks, track market conversations about your brand, and engage responsively in market dialog. All of which can provide a competitive advantage for your business by improving market insights, contact and acceptance within your market community.