Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fairfield County's Internet Marketing Blog: 50 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

Social Media Marketing: 50 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI



  1. Fans
  3. Friends
  4. Growth rate of fans, followers, and friends
  5. Rate of virality / pass-along
  6. Change in virality rates over time
  7. Second-degree reach (connections to fans, followers, and friends exposed - by people or impressions)
  9. Uploads
  10. Likes / favorites
  12. Ratings
  13. Social bookmarks
  14. Subscriptions (RSS, podcasts, video series)
  15. Pageviews (for blogs, micro sites, etc)
  16. Change in search engine rankings for the site linked to through social media
  17. Change in search engine share of voice for all social sites promoting the brand
  18. Increase in searches due to social activity
  19. Geography of participating consumers
  20. Shift in sentiment before, during, and after social marketing programs
  21. Languages spoken by participating consumers
  22. Clicks
  23. Number of interactions
  24. Interaction/engagement rate
  25. Frequency of social interactions per consumer
  26. Percentage of videos viewed
  27. Polls taken / votes received
  28. Number of user-generated submissions received
  29. Tags added
  30. Registrations from third-party social logins (e.g., Facebook Connect, Twitter)
  31. Contest entries
  32. Number of chat room participants
  33. Customers assisted
  34. Savings generated by enabling customers to connect with each other
  35. Customer satisfaction
  36. Volume of customer feedback generated
  37. Research development time saved based on feedback from social media
  38. Suggestions implemented from social feedback
  39. Costs saved from not spending on traditional research
  40. Impact on online sales
  41. Impact on offline sales
  42. Leads generated
  43. Products sampled
  44. Visits to store locator pages
  45. Conversion change due to user ratings, reviews
  46. Rate of customer/visitor retention
  47. Change in market share
  48. Attendance generated at in-person events
  49. Employees reached (for internal programs)
  50. Job applications received