Thursday, November 15, 2018

Social Media Tips- Creating a Successful Facebook Page for Business

Post Content that reflects your brand and your expertise.

I have met many business owners who will say to me" I am not giving away useful information for free that I usually charge for" I couldn't disagree more. If you are going to say you are better than your competitors.. PROVE IT! With valuable content that spotlights you as the expert.

Have a Variety of content on your Facebook page.

Keep your content fresh by posting a variation of videos from your YouTube account, PowerPoint presentations from your Slideshare, Photos from Flicker and of course, information from your blog. This will engage your audience more effectively.

Avoid too many "sales pitches" on your Facebook page.

Overloading viewers with a daily sales pitch or trying to sell a product on your Facebook business page too often will be considered spam and your fans will begin to pay attention to you less and less! Instead, use your Facebook page to bridge the audience from your Facebook page to your website blog where you have additional tips and other useful information. Be sure your website is designed to sell! As they take an interest in your business via your blog, your website should be designed in a manner that has a call to action or a means of capturing there information.

Allow your fans to share

Make sure fans can comment on your wall and engage in conversations on your page.

Use iFrames to Create a Custom Page that looks Unique

iFrames can be utilized to customize pages that make your Facebook page unique. Think of iFrames as a window on the main page that lets you see though to another page. You'll need to know html and perhaps need a web designer to create it for you. But it's well worth the money spent.

Ask them to sign up- develop creative ways to entice new viewers to "like" your page with the custom page and give them the option to "sigh up" to your company News-letter

Choose a default landing page

 Set your default page to the custom page.