Thursday, November 15, 2018

Good Blogging Tips- Six Ways To Writing an Effective Blog

Good Blogging Tips- Six Ways To Writing an Effective Blog

I am going to share with you 6 useful tips on how to blog and how to get the most benefit from doing so.

Define a Goal for Your Blogs

Before you can start any task you must have a goal and blogging is no different. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? more traffic to your website? Higher ranking on the search engines? Define your audience and marketplace and then write engaging content in your blogs that will keep your readers coming back for more!

Post Good Quality Content

Blogging is NOT a sales pitch or a means to win customers over by telling them how you good are instead BE AN AUTHORITY in your field by conveying to your readers your expertise and knowledge in your field. I often have many professionals tell me that they are concerned to do this as they can be charging for some of this information. But the truth is by writing some useful information about your product or service WILL in fact show that you excel in what you do rather then you just telling the reader.

Post Often

Just like in one on one conversations with people what would happen if in the middle of the conversation, you got up and left mid-sentence? I am sure you wouldn't have to many friends. In essence blogs are the same way. By consistently writing blogs you have the opportunity to gain trust in your followers and develop on of the most important aspects in blogging- CONNECTION. When you connect with people you are well on your way to winning over their trust and a new client. It is also important to remember that every single piece of content that you post on the web is another opportunity to be found by your customers and expand your reach across the Internet.

Ensure that your blog is integrated with your website

Be sure that your blog is on your company website- remember your website is for selling, your blog is for gaining trust and winning over clients with your expertise.

Comment on your blogs

When a follower of your blog posts a comment, be sure to comment back and engage them in conversation it could lead to important feedback  about your industry.

Notify others of your blogs

Be sure to post your blogs on your social media pages, newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns to drive traffic to them. You may even include the URL at the bottom of every e-mail you send out in your signature.